About GCE O Levels

GCE O Levels are designed for 14-16 years old and aim to prepare students for academic progression (such as A and AS Level study) and equip them with the skills necessary for employment.

The GCE O Level curriculum places emphasis on board and balanced study across a wide range of subjects areas. The curriculum is structured so that students attain both practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

GCE O Levels have been designed specially for an international market and are sensitive to the needs of different countries. The qualifications are designed for students whose first language may not be English and this acknowledged throughout the examination process. The curriculum also allows teaching to be placed in a localised context, making it relevant in varying regions.

GCE O Levels are established qualifications that keep pace with educational developments and trends. They are recognised throughout the world, by academic institutes and employers, as a mark of quality and evidence of real ability.

ACE prepares students for University of Cambridge international Examinations GCE O Level examinations throughout the year. Students can join in Science, humanities, or commerce stream. They compulsorily need to prepare for English Language. Minimum number of subjects required are five including English Language.

The General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level), or O Level, is the national school-leaving examination in several countries, including Singapore, Brunei and Mauritius (where it is taken as a ‘group’ examination – the Cambridge School Certificate). It is also widely taken in anglophone African countries and in Pakistan. O Levels are normally taken in seven to nine subjects across the curriculum after 11 years of education. The courses usually require 150 hours of teaching over two years.

O Level greading is on a five-point scale (A-E). Universities in many countries, including Canada and the USA, will admit students on the basis of their O Level performances alone.

Grade C in O Level English Language satisfies the English proficiency requirements of many universities in the UK and other anglophone countries.

GCE O Level with five subjects is equivalent to the eleventh grade. This course enjoys more acceptance than other similar equivalent courses and is globally recognized.

Subjects Available

1.    Art (6010)

2.    Biology (5090)

3.    Chemistry (5070)

4.    Commerce (7100)

5.    Economy (1128)

6.    English Language (1123)

7.    Environmental Management (5014)

8.   Literature in English (2000)

9.    Mathematics (4024)


11.Physics (5054)

12.Principle of Accounts (7110)

13.Sociology (2251)

14.Human and Social Biology (5096)

15.Combined Science (5129)

16.Business Studies etc.

Percentage Uniform Marks

  • The information below is intended as a guide for schools in countries where percentage uniform marks will appear on statements of results for Cambridge IGCSE, O Level, and International A/AS Level.
  • Percentage uniform marks correspond to the grades available (A*, A, B, C, etc.) and will give students additional information about their performance. They will show students whether they are in the middle of a grade, or near either the top or the bottom.
  • For example, a student who obtains the minimum mark necessary for a Grade A* obtains a percentage uniform mark of 90. A student who obtains a mark halfway between Grade D and Grade C will achieve a percentage uniform mark of 55.
  • The table below shows the minimum percentage uniform mark for each grade.
A* 90
A 80
B 70
C 60
D 50
E 40
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