History of Disease

Today, we are dealing with COVID-19 which is new type of coronavirus that emerged in China in December 2019. At March 2020 WHO confirmed COVID-19 as pandemics. Before COVID-19, humans experienced hundreds number of outbreaks. Major pandemics such as Bubonic plague, Smallpox, Cholera, Avian flu, Ebola, HIV/AIDS caused severe damages during their period. It lead to deaths of millions people all over the world. Some of those also caused significant impact to medical systems, global economics and social interactions. Here is the timeline of major pandemics since the ancient time.

Images of Pandemic That Occur in Several Countries

Ebola victims in Liberia

Cholera Epidemics in Haiti






An emergency hospital during Spanish flu.

Diane Jones treats an early AIDS patient






Smallpox victim in Bangladesh Rahima Banu

Encoffining body Third Plague, Changchun, 1911

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