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From assignments to material now based online, so we are also required to have good computer skills then our work becomes easier. Fast typing or known by typing 10 fingers is one of the skills we can learn and so useful for our work. How to type fast is actually easy, but it takes a lot of practice and habituation so that we memorize the location of the keys and the distance between one key to another. First, you need to know the placement and position of the fingers on the keyboard. 💻


Besides that, here some tips may help you typing fast!

  1. Work on your comfort workspace

You need to begin with getting a workspace that is clean and comfortable. Also, for comfort typing, you need to place                 laptop or computer on a table, so we will be working cozy for an extended period.

  1. Fix posture

If you want to type well, the correct posture will be seated, straight backed, and with your feet planted a little apart, flat              on the ground. Your wrists should also be positioned in such a way that your fingers can cover the keyboard. Adjust our            chair so we get a proper position.

  1. Familiarize with the keyboard

The keyboard is our tool here, so we will need to get to know it. So, work on memorizing the positions of the letter keys,            as well as some of the most used punctuation marks. We will need to understand where their positions are without                    looking at the keyboard. This is the way we can learn to type fast.

  1. Stay typing and don’t look at your hands!

As long as we are used to until we are not looking at keyboard as we type, so that our fingers are made to learn how                the keys work.

  1. Practice

Spare some time on a daily to practice and master typing speed. With continuous practice, you will also notice that we              make fewer errors with time. Ensure that you keep track of the progress we make as we go on. With time, our words                  per minute will increase, and will be able to clock up some high numbers.

You can try some site below to practice fast typing :


Now, try to take a typing test on one of the sites above! Give the results from several typing tests!

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