Tips for School Exam

How are you, fellas? Surely many of you are currently undergoing school exams?
Sinergia has tips for School Exams, please listen and practice!

  1. Take care of your health
    This is important to pay attention to. No matter how well you prepare for the exam, if you end up getting sick before the exam it will be self-defeating. Take care of your health by avoiding staying up late, eating nutritious foods, getting enough rest, and getting enough exercise!
  2. Pray
    The things you have to do every time you start studying and take exams later are always given the convenience. And no matter how busy you are, don’t forget to pray
  3. . A comfortable learning atmosphere
    Make a comfortable learning atmosphere for yourself. Setting a learning atmosphere according to your personality will help make you feel comfortable and excited to learn.
  4.  Set learning strategies
    Make a to-do-list and complete it within the day. For example, you may have to work on some questions, summarize material, or practice tutorials in a day; it will make you feel relaxed when facing the exam
  5. Focus
    Play less on gadgets, because usually without realizing it you will spend hours on them. Put your gadgets aside or leave them with your parents when you start learning and you can use them again when you have finished studying. It could help you focus more when revising, give it a try!
  6. Do more exercises
    If you do many exercises, it will be easier for you to face the questions. Because from year to year the exam questions are not much different, it will be beneficial for you if you’ve already had practice with exam-style questions, when doing the actual exam.
  7.  Discussion
    When you have difficulties in learning, it’s better to discuss the problem with friends, parents or people who you think have a better understanding than you.

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