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Sinergia Homeschooling Primary specially adjusts to assist students between the age of 6 to 12 years old. The syllabus uses Cambridge Primary Curriculum. The purpose of this program is developing individual aptitudes, interests, and challenges of your children with learning at home.

Primary School is where you and your child started to focus on what to do next. What’s the goal, where’s the direction, what needs to be fulfilled in the future, and what we need to prepare. It’s all started at the Primary School level where the focus comes. 

Homeschooling at the primary level is not only for academics but also to develop strong characteristics and the way children think and process their thoughts. Sinergia Homeschooling for Primary Level helps students to build up their sense, interest, passion, and identify their potential together with the homeschooling management, parents, and students themselves.

There are several reasons why families choose an independent school as the learning institution for their children as below. 

  1. The dissatisfaction of the formal education which is available 
  2. The situation of the families i.e., parents job require them to move around very often 
  3. The career path of the students i.e., athlete, pianist, etc 
  4. Child condition i.e., faster learner, less concentration, disability of focusing too long, congenital disease, etc  

There’re so many situations that can be covered by homeschooling even from the primary/elementary level. The parents and children just need to consult with the Sinergia homeschooling institution where preferred about the situation and condition. The management team will discuss further and develop a proper system to fit the requirements.


Sinergia Homeschooling for the Primary level follows certain standards of learning methods. It builds to develop all the homeschooling objectives in the primary level which are to develop the key concept of learning as basic to face the higher education level. 

What are the learning methods of Sinergia Homeschooling for the Primary Level? 

  1. Tutorial at home for homeschooling students
  2. The tutor visits regularly 3 times a week
  3. Students, parents, tutors, and academic counselors brainstorm and discuss about the schedules, make a deal about the schedules, subjects, tests, projects, and final examinations.
  4. Available tests: Quiz, Midtest, Final test

The method can always be customized according to the requirements. Unlike formal education, students, parents, tutors, and academic counselors can discuss schedules and everything related to the learning to meet with student’s requirements and objectives.



  • What age is Homeschooling for Primary School? 

Usually, children and parents agree to enter their child to Primary School at around the age of 6 to 12 years old. It’s again the children’s or their parent’s decision. Primary school is where students learn the basics of learning. So, around the age of 6 to 12 years old is the ideal one. 

  • What do they learn in Homeschooling for Primary School? 

They learn academic subjects like Mathematics, English, and Science. However, the learning objectives are not only to understand those subjects but also the basics of learning like their comprehensiveness, learning method, communication skills, how to think critically, asking questions, initiatives, etc. It’s to develop their learning skill in the future. So, it’s a long time 

  • What are the requirements to apply for homeschooling? 

In the starting points, you can just come to Sinergia Homeschooling and consult your requirements and needs with our academic counselors. Our team will inform you if there’s any existing program offering that fits you and your children. Or we can always customize your needs. Any further documents, verification, and all the administration matters can be discussed along the way. 


Testimoni Belajar di Sinergia Homeschooling oleh Kita

Studying at Sinergia Homeschooling was a great learning experience because I get to focus on the subjects of my interest and have a deeper understanding of each material. The teachers adjust their methods to the needs of each student and we can have an intensive discussion on problems and questions. This develops my critical thinking and problem solving skills.


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