Sinergia Homeschooling Online Program

Sinergia Homeschooling is a program of Sinergia Worldwide Education to facilitate students who want to study at home. The curriculum of the Homeschooling Program is based on curriculum with level start from Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary. Sinergia Worldwide Education gives services for all students, includes special needs.

We are open for Grade:
1. Preschool (2-5 years old)
2. Kindergarten (5-6 years old)
3. Primary (Grade 1-6)
4. Lower Secondary (Check Point)
5. Upper Secondary (O Level/IGCSE)
6. AS & A Level

We have several curriculums including:
1. Cambridge UK (International Program)
2. K-13 (National Program)
3. Blended curriculums (The combined curriculum between Cambridge UK curriculum and National K-13 curriculum, can be adjusted regarding on students needs)

For more information, please visit our center or give us a call at:
▪️Sinergia Jakarta
STC Senayan 2nd Floor No.51-54
Jl.Asia Afrika Pintu Gelora IX, Jakarta, 10270
▪️Sinergia Surabaya
Jl. Pattimura Ruko Plasa Segi 8, Kav A 853
▪️Phone : 021-57931911
▪️Mobile : 082131462895 | 081287118389

Also, visit our social media:
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▪️Twitter : @sinergiajkt | @sinergiasby
▪️Line : @sinergiaeducation
▪️IG : @sinergiaeducation | @sinergiasurabaya

Head over to our website to get more information and do not hesitate if you have any inquiries by joining our web live chat on:
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