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Sinergia Homeschooling Pre-School specially adjust to assist students between the age of 4 to 5 years old. The purpose of this perograms is developing individual aptitudes, interests, and challenges of your children with learning at home.

Back then, pre-school was not popular among people. Only kids from the upper class entered the preschool. They came for various reasons starting from catering to their busy activities to providing their kids education at an early age. Besides the expensive monthly and settlement fee, the culture and the concept of preschool itself are not booming yet. 

Nowadays, most families register their kids in preschool. Moreover, there’re a lot of moms who have permanent jobs. There’re a lot of preschools that open and offer extensive learning at an affordable fee. The trends are even more changing with homeschooling for preschool.  A family can have their 4 to 5 years old meet the school environment at an early level. They can match the objective of having an education at home with the concept of preschool. 

To share more clarity on why parents now and then choose a preschool for their children despite busy activities is mentioned as below. 

  1. Preschool is a stage where your child is introduced to the school environment. It’s a starter where they can learn and play. It’s not focusing on how to gain knowledge or skill but how to be a learner. 
  2. Preschool helps them gain how to start their study skill. 
  3. It trains the children to develop their social skills by interacting with others. 
  4. Preschool can be a starting point to trigger creativity, curiosity, and how to take care of themselves.

Families usually choose independent school cause of some reason, such as dissatisfaction of the formal education which is available.


Sinergia Homeschooling for the preschool level follows certain standards of learning methods. It’s built to develop all the homeschooling objectives in the preschool. Most of the objectives are to introduce them to the education environment. Therefore, the methods are the combination between playing and learning at the same time. 

Although the objective is not to gain as much knowledge as possible, it looks like homeschooling can be a milestone in their upcoming journey in primary school. Sinergia Homeschooling for preschool provides children with the below-learning methods.

  1. Tutorial at home for homeschooling students
  2. The tutor visits regularly 3 times a week
  3. Students, parents, tutors, and academic counselors brainstorm and discuss about the schedules, make a deal about the schedules, subjects, tests, projects, and final examinations.
  4. Available tests: Quiz, Midtest, Final test



 What age is Homeschooling for Preschool? 

Usually, children and parents agree to enter their child to preschool at around the age of 4 to 5 years old. It’s again the children’s or their parent’s decision. Preschool is where students are introduced to school. They learn how to start learning, social skills, as well as playing and starting to know each other and gain personal interest, curiosity, and creativity. So, around the age of 4 to 5 years old is the ideal one. 

What do they learn in Homeschooling for Preschool? 

They learn academic subjects like Writing, Reading, and Mathematics. However, the learning objectives are not only to understand those subjects but also communication and social-emotional skills. We’re starting to teach them how to memorize basic and important information about themselves, how to interact with others including their teachers, adults, friends, and someone younger than them. It’s very basic and in a fun way. Preschool is where they can play and learn at the same time. 

What are the requirements to apply for homeschooling? 

In the starting points, you can just come to Sinergia Homeschooling and consult your requirements and needs with our academic counselors. Our team will inform you if there’s any existing program offering that fits you and your children. Or we can always customize your needs. Any further documents, verification, and all the administration matters can be discussed along the way. 


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